High Quality

LED Strips

Made of the best materials, for durable, long-lasting lighting.

Every Product has a

5 Year Warranty

Every product comes standard with a 5 year warranty. This attests to our dedication to bringing you the highest quality products that are built to last. They are dependable, durable, and made of the best materials.

Highest Quality LEDs


To achieve the vision for future urban living, choose LED components from OSRAM which offer a spectrum of infinite possibilities. Their product families come from state-of-the-art production facilities, and fulfill the strictest government regulations. All because of their decades of lighting experience.

Highest Quality LEDs

Nichia LEDs

Nichia LED chips are manufactured in Japan and are considered among the highest quality LED light chips available. Nichia standard LED is designed and developed as calibration standard of luminous and radiant quantities for LED products in collaboration with National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). It has uniform spatial distribution, and has achieved excellent temperature stability and lighting reproducibility.

All of our LED Strips are

Made in Europe

All of our LED products are designed and produced in Europe using superior quality materials from European and Japanese manufacturers. We believe in delivering the highest quality products possible. Have confidence in knowing that our LEDs are built to last.

The Highest Quality LED Products

CRI 80+
CRI 90+
CRI 95+

up to
7106 lm/m

up to
181 lm/w

for your project

Thermally conductive
adhesive tape

Over 650 LED strips

MacAdam LEDs

Stabilized Current