High Quality

LED Strips

Made of the best materials, for durable, long-lasting lighting.

high quality


What makes us different from others?

■ High CRI LED Strip not made in China

■ Factory with over 20 years of experience in the lighting market

■ Carefully selected components from leading brands

■ Designed by engineers with many years of experience

■ All production batches go through a 5-step quality control

■ Our High CRI LED Strip rolls are available in 16.4ft and bulk led strip 328ft
rolls (on demand)

■ 5 year warranty

Our Projects


Our Projects

UT Locker Room

Our Projects


Our Products

Huge Selection

We have a huge selection of the parts you need for any lighting project. We have a large selection of channels, LED strips, LED drivers and control gear to enable you to build the exact lighting setup you have envisioned for your space. Our products are all high quality products manufactured in Poland to the highest specifications. You’ll be proud to use our products in your projects, with the confidence in knowing that you’ve chosen a high quality LED lighting product.

OUR products


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